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Revolutionized retail has arrived.

Retail technology of tomorrow, available today.

PopCom is now taking orders for our flagship robotic storefront platform, called the PopShop Digital Pop-Up Shop. We believe our solutions are the world's most advanced automated retail technology, and we think you will too. Packed with features that will help you learn more about your customers and sell more products; get your hands on the retail technology of tomorrow, today.


A featureset unparalleled in the automated retail industry.

Storefront Reporting

Monitor inventory, sales, and clickthrough/conversion rates on your robotic storefront product listings in realtime

Crowd Metrics

Measure traffic at and around your machine with anonymous engagement, conversion, and dwell-time metrics

Demographics & Sentiment

Anonymous age, gender, and emotional sentiment analysis during browsing

Identity & Biometrics

For age or ID-restricted products, customers can verify their own ID via biometrics and purchase regulated goods

Lead Generation Tools

Bolster omnichannel growth with email/SMS marketing, reviews, promos, social sharing, surveys, and more

Here's how to reserve your machine.

Complete each step to have your PopShop Kiosk reservation confirmed.

Step 1: Questionnaire

Complete a kiosk questionnaire so our team can learn more about your business.


Step 2: Webinar

Attend a live product webinar with our CEO, Dawn Dickson.


Step 3: Deposit

Pay your $100 deposit. (Applied towards your future kiosk purchase.)


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