PopShop Local

Brick-and-mortar without the headache.

Get your products in the smartest digital pop-up shop in your city.

Are you a successful e-commerce brand that has always wanted to try brick-and-mortar? Now you can– without all the headache. Get your brand in front of thousands of people for a fraction of the price of traditional brick and mortar. You'll get a new sales channel, powerful metrics, 24/7 availability, and more.


Getting started with PopShop Local

Are you a brand looking for a new way to sell? Look no further. Here's how it works.

Step 1: Get Approved

Complete a quick questionnaire so our team can learn more about your business.

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Step 2: Stock Inventory

Once approved, you'll have the keys to your local PopShop and can fill your inventory

Step 3: Start Selling

Once your products are in the PopShop, you're live and selling!


What Brands Get

Physical store at fraction of cost
New source of revenue
Reach new customers
Extend brand awareness
Get customer engagement data
Find New Customers
Our digital popup shops are a cost-effective and attractive way to reach new customer segments.
Expand Your Brand Reach
Get your brand in high-traffic, high-visibility areas to build recognizability and loyalty from day one.
Collect Rich Insights
Gender, age, and emotional sentiment are all metrics we provide on top of our comprehensive sales data.
Instant Customer Gratification
Customers can buy your product from our machines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No shipping time required.
Highly Curated Brand Partners
Be confident your products are featured alongside the best and most interesting products in the area.
Test Marketing & Promotions
Test marketing messages and promos in realtime to identify which are the most effective at driving engagement and sales.

PopShop Local: supporting the next-generation of retailers.

Best-in-Class Placements

Because PopShops are a beautiful and innovative amenity, we're able to negotiate incredible deals for high-traffic placements that no other vending company can provide. You'll save up to 80% in placement costs compared to traditional vending rent.

Storefront Reporting

Monitor inventory, sales, and clickthrough/conversion rates on your storefront

Crowd Metrics

Measure traffic at and around your storefront with anonymous engagement, conversion, and dwell-time metrics

Lead Generation Tools

Bolster omnichannel growth with email/SMS marketing, reviews, promos, social sharing, surveys, and more

Get a PopShop at your venue

Are you a venue owner looking to add a unique and innovative amenity that brings the best of local businesses to your visitors? Inquire about getting a PopShop at your venue today.

Crowd data
A digital shop for your guests
Resource for local information
A 24/7 amenity
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

You must be a local in your respective city in some capacity. You must be headquartered locally, have a founder that is from the city you're applying for, OR manufacture your products locally. You must have at least 2 months of product inventory, and your product must fit in the PopShop.

What size of product fits in the PopShop and how many products can it hold?

Minimum product dimensions: 4” L x 3” W x 1” D to Max 12”L x 12” W x 4” D. The PopShop can hold up to 360 items, selling 24 different products. If you have the max size product, the PopShop can hold 24 items with 8 different products. Tell us your product dimensions and we will be able to provide you with an answer.

Can I put my logo on the PopShop?

We will be wrapping the PopShop with a wrap that is approved by the venue, which may either bear their logo or the city name. While your logo will not be directly on the PopShop, it will appear on the receipts that customers see, and on any ads that you display on the machine monitors.

Can there be glass products?

Yes! We have a soft landing for fragile products.

How long is the term?

The minimum term in the PopShop is 6 months.

Who is managing the shop?

The PopCom team is managing the PopShop. Upon acceptance into the program, you will be assigned an Account Manager who will work with you to set up, manage, and maintain your PopShop store. You can make updates to the products and product descriptions or prices at any time.

Where are the locations and what if my city isn't on the list?

We are launching in 10 different cities: Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas, Nashville, New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles, Orlando, and Columbus. For other cities, please tell us where you are located and we will let you know where that lands on the roadmap.

What is the cost to put my products in a PopShop?

The cost is $1000/mo.

What sort of venues are the machines placed in and is there a cost for that location?

We are launching in hotels, convention centers, and airports. Some venues expect a percentage of the sales revenue in exchange for placement in that location. We will work out the rev share percentage (if there is one) or base rent with the location, and provide that to you upfront.

I'm a venue owner and want a PopShop in my venue, how can I get one?

PopShops are available to venue owners in select regions. Fill out our venue application form to get in touch with our placement team.

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